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This 3D medical animation about acne describes the most common types of acne and various treatments to help alleviate symptoms of acne. Illustrated within are the different types and common locations of whiteheads, blackheads, pustules (pimples), and cysts within the skin and hair follicles. Also described are the various causes of acne different types of treatment: benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, alpha hydroxy acid, and sulfur.

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  • All work performed on this animation was done by Joshua Bird unless specified otherwise. The term 'work' indicates original storyboarding, concepting, modeling, animating, lighting, texturing, post production and compositing using Adobe After Effects and Quicktime Pro 7 includes color correction, special effects, labeling, audio, and video compression.
  • The script for this animation was provided by the writers at Nucleus Medical Media.
  • External and internal gross anatomy models such as human body and organ structures were purchased from Zygote, but the textures where modified by Joshua Bird.
  • 2:13 Original blemish textures developed by Erin Frederikson. The skin texture was developed by Joshua Bird
  • Worked performed on this animation was done under the employment of Nucleus Medical Media. Copyright © Nucleus Medical Media