This body of professional animation work represents an innovative and highly accurate visualization of biological, medical, and surgical subjects for the health sciences. Due to the proprietary nature of some of this work a password is required to view them. Please contact me if you are interested in my work and would like to view more.

Demo Reel

  • Medical Device Demo Reel

    This demo reel showcases a few select medical devices animations.

    View Medical Device Demo Animation

  • Mucociliary Clearance

    This animation depicts visually how the mucociliary clearance system in the human respiratory system functions. The lungs have specialized cells have a special feature called cilia that beat back and forth moving mucus that traps inhaled particles and other particulates. The space between the cilia is maintained by the density of the mucus. This density is controlled by the water content of the mucus.

    View Mucociliary Animation

  • Animated Covers

    This video is used as promotional marketing material for the JAMA brand and promotes the illustrated theme issue covers.

    View Animated Covers Animation

  • Lung Cancer Guideline

    This video is an animated infographic of the USPSTF guideline on lung cancer.

    View Lung Cancer Guideline Animation

  • Melanoma

    This motion graphic animation presents statistical information on melanoma.

    View Melanoma Animation

  • Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome

    This 3D medical animation describes the basic anatomy and blood flow through a normal heart. It then explains the various birth defects that characterize left hypoplastic heart syndrome, and gives common treatment options and procedures.

    View Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome Animation

  • Radical Robotic Cystectomy

    This video provides a detailed description of the surgical instrumentation, procedure, and operating room setup during a radical cystectomy surgical procedure using robotic technology. Shown are the steps necessary for the successful removal of the bladder and prostate when treating a patient with a bladder tumor, along with a discussion on the advantages associated with the robotic surgical system and the reconstructive process involved with a radical cystectomy. The surgeon console, 3D vision system, patient side cart, robotic arms, tools, camera, port placement, surgeon hand controls associated with the robotic procedure are shown.

    View Radical Robotic Cystectomy Animation

  • Intro to Robotic Surgery

    This video provides an overview on the surgical instrumentation and operating room setup for robotic surgical procedures. It describes the surgeon console, 3D vision system, patient side cart, robotic arms, tools, and camera. It also covers port placement, surgeon hand controls, and robotic arm and tool movement.

    View Introduction to Robotic Surgery Male Animation

  • Targeted Cancer Cell Therapy

    Targeted cancer cell treatments like small molecule drugs and monoclonal antibodies, can block cancer cell signals, deliver toxic substances to cancer cells, improve immune cell response, and block growth of new blood vessels that supply cancer tumors. This video depicts normal cell division, apoptosis, tumor cell formation, tumor development, angiogenesis of a tumor, the cause of tumor cell formation at the genetic level with DNA, metastasis through blood and lymph vessels, and the various effects of chemotherapy.

    View Targeted Cancer Cell Therapy Animation

  • Chemotherapy

    Chemotherapy is the use of chemical substances that work to kill fast-growing and reproducing cells, a characteristic common to cancer cells. Various effects of chemotherapy are covered: cancer cell death, tumor death, destruction of normal cells and tissue. Also described are related treatments, such as, radiation, pills, capsules, liquids, intravenous injections, surgical procedures, catheterization, CSF injection, wafter placement, and schedule of treatments.

    View Chemotherapy Animation