Boolean Experiment Pt. 1

February 11 2012  |  C4D  |  Tutorial   |  Modeling and Dynamics

Here is a quick tutorial on how to create a single object from a boole and fill it with objects using emitters and dynamics. To start, create a capsule and a cylinder. Extend the cylinder so it passes through the capsule. Making sure it passes through will ensure the boole works properly.

Create a Boole Object and place the capsule and cylinder as children of the boole. In the Boole Objects attributes make sure to set the type to subtract, check create single object, and hide new edges. Subtract creates a hole in object A (the capsule) where object B (the cylinder) is. Checking create single object and hide new edges is the key to making this whole thing work. If you don't select create single object you will end up with two seperate objects, part of the cylinder and part of the capsule, not fused at their intersection. If you want a cleaner looking model with even polys that are N-gons hide new edges will do this for you, no triangles.

Next, right click and select curent state to object. this will give you the object to fill. Place two emitters within the object, sizing the emitters so they do not clip outside of the boole object. Set the emitter to emit a lot right away, also set the emitters to render instances. This will speed things up and keep things from bogging down. Now, create the objects to be emitted, keep them low poly.

Now comes the best part. Add dynamics tags to the objects. In the attributes menu select tags/simulation/dynamics collider tag and rigid body tag. Place the collider tag on the boole object and place a rigid body tag on the emitter objects. In the rigid body tag set the collision size increment to 2-5 cm and the shape to moving mesh. For the collider tag set the shape to static mesh. Hit play and let it fill up.